Welcome to the wonderful world of Tohar!

More than a brand, we are a community passionate about beauty and skincare, bringing you the most sublime treasures from the lands of The Mother Nature. Our name, Tohar, pays tribute to purity and transcendence, reflecting our commitment to the most authentic essence of human beauty. With every drop of our oils, a reason is born to enhance the purest beauty that resides within each person.

Experience the essence of your beauty with Tohar and its purest and healthiest Argan oils in your hands.

A sublime treasure from Morocco that promotes the care of pure beauty for every individual. We bring you an elixir, handcrafted by hard working women, that nourishes and beautifies the skin, hair, and nails in a healthy manner. Tohar offers you an unparalleled range of cosmetic argan oils, pure and additive-free products that your body needs

Tohar brings you the most sublime argan oil that your body needs, the golden elixir of the desert, now in your hands.

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