TOHAR | Argan Oil


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Tohar offers you a cosmetic argan oil without equal, unrefined, unbleached, without preservatives and without additives, also cruelty free and respectful with the environment.

An exquisite 80ml bottle, filled with pure liquid gold, designed to accompany you with distinction anywhere and at any time you desire.

Discover the exquisite facial treatment with Tohar’s argan oil, a jewel of nature that embodies sophistication and elegance in caring for your skin. In a world where versatility is key, argan oil stands as a true wonder, providing a solution for a multitude of skin problems and conditions. Recognized for its wonderful hair and skin benefits, this golden elixir goes beyond, unleashing its anti-inflammatory action and combating free radicals.

Here we share the fascinating uses of argan oil for the face, skin, nails, and hair, taking you on a sublime journey of beauty and well-being:

Reparative Treatment:

The moisturizing power of Argan oil is impressive. Your skin will benefit from deep and long-lasting hydration, enveloping it in a hug of softness and luminosity like never before.

Awaken an inner glow, a unique luminosity, as Argan oil enhances your complexion with an ethereal radiance.

With its protective essence, Argan oil becomes a natural shield, defending your skin from damage caused by sun rays, especially during the summer months. However, it should never be used as a sunscreen.

Acne Treatment:
With its anti-inflammatory power, Argan oil calms imperfections and promotes skin healing, revealing a flawless complexion.

Facial Spot Treatment: Enjoy a flawless and even complexion by relying on Argan oil to treat facial spots, reducing their appearance and restoring lost radiance.

Anti-Aging: Let nature’s liquid gold illuminate your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, for a radiant and rejuvenated face as you’ve always dreamed of.

Hair stimulation and Hair treatment: 

The phenols present in this elixir awaken the senses of your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.
Cover your hair with this heavenly nectar, which deeply nourishes it, revealing silky and radiant hair for much longer.

It’s time for you to allow the transformative power of argan oil to envelop you in a symphony of aromas and benefits, so you can uncover the ethereal beauty that resides within you.

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