How to use Argan Oil in our Beard care.

With captivating delicacy, a few drops of Tohar’s argan oil rest on the fingertips, ready to deliver an unparalleled massage. Brief moments of divine contact unfold as the golden elixir merges with every fiber of your beard, caressing your skin and hair with magnanimous dedication.

In the blink of an eye, the oil dissipates, leaving behind a moisturized beard and rejuvenated skin. After the morning shower, in that instant when you emerge with renewed energy, the exquisite nutrients of this sacred oil dive into the depths of your beard, making it more radiant throughout the day. 

We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique experience, discovering the authenticity and originality of our exclusive products that enhance your beauty in a healthy way. 

A sublime treasure from Morocco that promotes the care of pure beauty for every individual. We bring you an elixir, handcrafted by hard working women, that nourishes and beautifies the skin, hair, and nails in a healthy manner. Tohar offers you an unparalleled range of cosmetic argan oils, pure and additive-free products that your body needs.